There are times you're so simply

Unapologetically you!

Killer times, when jaws drop

At your tickling vile sass


What they don't know, is

There are times you've fallen -

Head first (Squashed like a bug),

You've broken your teeth

Just as easily as your soul has been battered today


They don't know, you

Cry out over shattered pieces

When trying to reassemble them

Like a jigsaw puzzle, to no avail

All pieces incompatible, no longer does unity thrive

Scattered - are atoms 

Of intricacies, that not a proper soul could find

Captiviting you in tragic imprisonment


Your sass still just as tickling,

An essence so vigorous

To observers you're a daring maverick -

To yourself you're in shambles


Scrutinizing oneself in a mirror

Expecting an image of a bygone you,

A yearning for the reflection of the serenity you've held in sight


Don't lie to yourself, that image,

Has never existed

With every peek at the glassy metal

The enslaving shackles sing





At all glances,

Chains continuously welded

To the cold stone concrete beneath

Your argyles


What escape can there be -

When your own mind incarcerates you?


Whilst in reality

There's nothing more than you



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