{Don't} Call Me Crazy (If You Dare)

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 17:08 -- lsmiley

quite {doesn't} mean(s) crazy
crazy {doesn't} mean(s) distance
distance {doesn't} mean(s) make believe
make believe {doesn't} mean(s) fake
fake {doesn't} mean(s) makeup
makeup {doesn't} mean(s) sexy
sexy {doesn't} mean(s) slutty
slutty {doesn't} mean(s) bimbo
bimbo {doesn't} mean(s) blonde
blonde {doesn't} mean(s) beauty
beauty {doesn't mean(s) natural
natural {doesn't} mean(s) perfect
perfect {doesn't} mean(s) peace
peace {doesn't} mean(s) harmony
harmony {doesn't} mean(s) calm
calm {doesn't} mean(s) quite


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