Emotions Aren't Real


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My heart has been used.
Torn, Hurt, and confused.
But yet, I stood for you love.
When you caused me pain,
And my anger I blamed,
You were all that I thought of.

For days I would miss you,
Though there was this issue
Where there couldn’t be an us.
Cause you did me wrong,
And I held on so strong,
Yet today, I’ve had enough.

I’m calling it quits,
This time, this is it.
Numb is the way that I feel.
With no nightmares or fright,
I’ll be peaceful tonight
I’ll pretend my emotions aren’t real.

I won’t need you love
If there is no love,
Nor sadness or loneliness
I won’t be upset,
Or a bit stressed,
Tonight you will not exist.

I won’t get jealous,
Or Feel rebellious
Just because we are apart.
There will be no anger,
Now, you are a stranger,
Your print does not live on my heart.

There will be no worries,
I won’t be discouraged.
I’m done with you and your thrills.
Yes, I may miss you,
But, now I’ll dismiss you,
Tonight, you will not be real.


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