Have you ever wondered

If anybody's heart would tear

Draw your last breath but would they even care


Or would they shed a few tears for show

And then carry on just fine without you, no-

Body would remember your face, let alone your name

After all, they're just playing mind games


Making you think that they'll listen but they never really do

Saying they're your friend but won't give you respect or stay true

Calling you names and talking about you behind your back

While they're only using you for the gas


Calling you intelligent, beautiful, the greatest friend alive

But let a few days pass and they won't even know if you die

Take a dive, deep into yourself and realize what's going on

Take a deep breath, relate to that one song


Cry yourself to sleep as you remember all those horrid things

Scare yourself awake in the middle of your dreams

Realize that your image can be broken in an instant

All for some people who'll leave when you're a little distant


Act as if they care but I know deep down inside

That the image they have of me will never die

Not my parents, my family, or my so called friends

Will know the true me in the very end

This poem is about: 
My community


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