Dark Room


Subconsciously I feel like I'm being wrapped in my own blanket, being protected by my own mind.

Something about the darkness of a room gives me chills, I love not knowing what's on the other side.

Usually there is nothing, but one day there will be something.

The only thing protecting you is the dark filling of the room; yet at the same time, that's the one thing keeping you from knowing what you have to deal with. In that room all your worries and feeling subside, they sit on the bench and watch the game play out.

You're the team captain, coach, and all 5 players; now go get on the court and do something as if you were in the dark and no one was watching, do what you need to do.

Do some dark, crazy things.

Not knowing what will happen gives anyone a rush,

the feeling of suspense is something that should be capable of being dispensed from cans,

so you can feel it when ever. Where ever.



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