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i freely breathe the salty mist in time with the snowy rolling sea foam while budding trees dust surfaces with spring kisses, but it's you, only you who thrills me
Quero a palavra que não se há como dizer a música que não se entoe o poema que se não leia nem a baixa voz o som que não se há como ouvir.   Arte é isso Não se pode explicar senão por si  
I felt your touch from the window I remember the small fight that we had over us Who will give each their surprise gift You are the reflection of my heart Door of my heart was close and you had the key
When I was a boy, I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut.    Never mind, that Math swum around my mind  like the mush that passed for noodles in a can of Campbell’s Soup. 
Intertwined arms and legs in a too small bed,  sweet closeness after bitter distance.  The early morning light, pale and weak through blinds. 
All Of Me   I go to check if my heart is still there It’s not, you stole it And all I can feel is blood filling up the empty space  
stagnant loveits fragmentedachingadrenalineworsens from the initial painsharper than our breaking beaksburned to chaff in the winter windthe sky blooms fiery blueI doubt I will ever understand
I'm thankful for the sun, the blessing received from its warmth.  I'm thankful for the stars, for guiding me through the night. I'm thankful for the love, that spreads from near and far.
You yearn to continue your Worship In my temple And sing your hymes into every corner, Until I believe there is such a place  as heaven In this broken world. 
When I want to lay & rest, your body fits mine and we talk until our eyelids grow heavy  To grub and to hug all through the night & even when It’s hot Man that’s sounds good like when you play
When my days end I will still love you I still hold you in my heart Even though you gnaw away at it Without any thought  Sometimes i feel an unmeasurable feat when i look at you
Sculpture: You are sculpted so perfectly from start to finish you're my perfect image   Photography: Like a photograph of a rose growing out of concrete
I had the app for the sole purpose of free coffee, Free coffee being the drinks boys would buy for me. Yet, when you messaged me the name of your favorite band,
ooey gooey  toasty crunchy  pizza crust one slice is simply not enough I could eat the whole box  Dare I say I have eaten the whole box again  why did no one tell me I had sauce on my face?
Static and unchanging Plastered to the wall was our words We fought and we screamed at the top of our lungs Everything about everything   Unsteady and uncertain Waves in the ocean our hearts 
goodmorning kissesgoodbye hugsa happiness that can’t be matchedby any of the drugs your smile when you laughyour “laugh-till-you-cry”there’s nothing you dothat doesn’t make me smile
Little Lighthouse Luminous Blocked by fog, by storm I arrive; you greet, sheltering until morn Safe, content, enthralled Your walls embrace Now Darkness I can truly face
Throughout the years Cinderella watched as pedestrians passed, Blood dripping off her hands from her actions. Her victim wept, Her tears red
She planted beautiful flowers All with different colors and different namesThey all had different needs non e were the sameShe took as much care of them as she could She watered them and loved them She always said they were ugly and they weren't g
Your voice is powerful but also kissable and also lush. Your exterior is lovely and I can’t always shape the perfect tune but you don’t worry.  I tumble for the vibrations you compose and the goose bumps I inherit when I pluck you just right.
You never said thank you for the rides home You never returned the looks in the hallways The texts with the girl of the same name, I would never do that to you
Mon amour, ma cherie, Je ne sais pas que j'écris pour vous Parce que mon amour est plus précieux que l'or
Not a cloud in the sky Thunderstorms in my mind I was thinking how they say love is blind 'Cause she was a dime. Wanted her to be mine.   But I'm just to average So she took advantage
‘maybe it was my fault for falling in love with your words instead of your eyes. maybe that is why i am crying at 4 am’ because i loved you
The reason I get up out of my bed. What's the reason? Is it because winter is my favorite season? Or could it be because I like putting on a smile and going out cheesing? What's the reason?
If I could, I would love you each day for the rest of my life as if there were no more tomorrows.   If I could, I would show you the shear rhythmic splendor of a true heart that yearns for only you.  
VAMPIRES LOVE   When your scared, I'll be there and hold you tight. Under the moon in a starry night.If i was a vampire would you let me bite.So we would be together for eternity
I LOVE YOU   I love you now I'll love you then. From the start And till the end. Your more to me Then my girlfriend. I love the rainbow In your hair. Your sympathy shows
At the end of the tunnel I see a light;I'm so relieved that it's still in sight.I almost thought you had given up,but I knew when you called me "buttercup,"that was not the case.
Can people of your present become memories, Become apparitions you look through without seeing, Become reminiscences of tomorrows you want to say good-by to?
The Way Her Eyes Shined In The MoonLight Was Just Breath Taking The Way She Stared Into The Black Sky The Way Her Eyes Shinned Brighter Than The Stars She Melted My Heart She Touched My Soul
He loved her  Not me  He talked about how beautiful her eyes were not mine  He told me that he would do anything for her but he wouldnt for me  She broke his heart and then he ran to me
I stare out my window, trying to see the stars through my reflection. It comforts me, you see, knowing you’re under the same sky, Knowing that we’re in the same universe, in the same world,
You captured my heart from the very start   I wasn’t looking for the man of my dreams but now it seams   like you just walked in and gave me your little grin   and right on cue
I should have never opened up these wounds. I should have never let myself give in to you so soon. You're the one thing I want in this life. The only thing that can bury any strife.
Poetry is to me  My boat along the sea  I'd drown without it  So glad I found it  My writing sets me free.    My eyes are open to  The things that I must do   To win you over 
Today was your last day with me, And I didn't say goodbye Left for another city, but to me, another country As my heart falls to my thigh. We weren't the best together, But we did what we could. You'll stay in my heart forever, Just like you shoul
You took that first step Became the love that you crave Hidden in the water was the ballad of your love Counting the steps to my heart Creating ripples of incandescent feeling
Your words faintly brushed through my ear and your hands were all over me physically promising me I was your last.   This was you. I'll take some responsibility, but listen to me
We never kissed.  He was a pure blue sky while I was a confused sunstorm. It may sound cheesy but he was the Sun to my Earth and his gravity was the only thing I could hold on to. 
If he was hurt I'd try my best to heal him. Hours, days, minutes with him. I'm only for him. Brown eyes of his locked in my very own pupils. Trapped in the depth of another soul just like mine. Craziness in the humor that surrounds our laughter.
You and I, my friend, share so much in common For we both care so much about so little We both try so hard to do so little We both do so much but accomplish so little  
What I have realised over the years Is the simple fact that there is always a next one The next one you will try and may not like
Those who matter to me, Those special few, I hold them close, Destined never to let them go.   My world spins until it can’t anymore, I’m always on guard, Building my walls high,
Whoop da whoop sling slang slang that's how he caught my attention never a true love thang red in his eyes blood in his veins im thinking about him but i'll never be the same
Quite some time ago, in the distant past, My heart was a lifeless ball of onyx, My soul's raging hunger endured a fast, I was immune to dark Hecate's tonics, Those where years when I thought Love a folly,
As many days pass by people can changeAs this time continues to exist for us Two hearts connect and begin to exchangeWe do not fight we do not make a fuss
I've written something to describe my angel Though time can not tell what has been lostIt can be revived by what is found. Which is how my angel makes me feel A love so strong it feels so real 
Mirror mirror on the wall,Tell me does he love me at all?Mirror mirror hanging there,Tell me does he truly care?Mirror mirror I see you,Tell me are his words true?Mirror mirror staring back,
If our world's were just a little more close, Then I'd not be solemnly writing this, Nay, indeed I'd give this distance a grand riposte, And say these words to your ear in grand bliss,
When I sleep It's in his arms And when I die It's in his eyes Drifting off To black beaches Places that I've seen And places that I've dreamed What matters now Matters later
To Whom this may concern, Did you ever stop and look at me? Seen the infatuation in my eyes. You may have found it a bit creepy or even a tad freaky I did too but I couldn't help myself
at the end of it all you told me i wasnt gay enough like the nights i dedicated to you weren't real enough? all the times i swooned for you, all the times i grew for you it just took time for me to adjust  
The red shot eyes he gave you with the harsh words he spoke, broke me! The power of your beauty, make me want to help him face his consequences!
Blinding Lights- Intercoms screeching- a Plenum of Chaos- Amorphous assort;   The accouters on my back- which I have worn Three Suns now- have become Uncomfortable- Stiff and Stale-
Spring- A time in which All is renewed- When Life is born-   And the Flowers of the Cherry Blossoms Bloom- Vibrant Shades of Blushing Hues-   Like those that Grace
Rain- Persistent and cold- Grays this world of Concrete and Metal  that You and I live in.   It starts out small-  a fine falling mist- Before it quickly grows
Breathing in the salty air I can feel the wind pushing through my hair, I feel the warmth of the sun pressed against my skin, the crashing of the waves
Breathing in the salty air I can feel the wind pushing through my hair, I feel the warmth of the sun pressed against my skin, the crashing of the waves fill the silence amongst one another.
3am At the same time every night you resonate within me intrigue my mind  enrapture  my soul My heart pumps blood full of passion  and seeping seduction  An addiction  Like the lady in the bible  It was an issue of blood It'll pass they said  A ph
Shes the girl thats first to say hello  She gets shy to say good bye and Be alone Shes got so much style and class  For a guy like me to come and ask "Come be with me"
I was looking up,gazing up at the starsfrom a deep black pit, almost missing the rope that cametumbling into the darkness.I was startled by the soundof frayed threads smacking against the wall.
I want to give you The most beautiful words in the world To hold in your heart And keep on a cold day When my voice is far too far away.
You touched my bones and you made my summer smell like Champak.   We danced in the  sunlight, we kissed gaily in the  moonlight.  
Her pouring tears do not interest me.   But the hair that drips down her bare back   till it brushes against the black line   drawn at her waist– intoxicating.  
February 7, 2016 at 10:20 PM I wish you the best Wherever it is you go I hope you look back
January 25, 2016 at 11:56 PM Don’t tell me that your heart Only beats for me
January 6, 2016 at 10:55 PM  Sixteen and never been kissed You were the boy in my dreams
There liveth a song in mine heart-- I feel it; It beats at my breast For thee, my love, From the depths of my soul.
January 3, 2016 at 10:35 PM The words “I love you” Didn’t have to slip from your mouth
February 9, 2016 at 4:55 PM  If only fairy tales were true I’d like to think
April 5, 2016 at 6:45 PM  I have come to the ultimate realization You can never really Unlove someone
June 2, 2016 at 9:42 PM I’m sorry that I continuously Make jokes about you I know you don’t know I do
June 7, 2016 at 11:17 PM 
Her skin illuminated like a new Lamborghini under a spotlight, every curve displayed with exotic, breathtaking beauty.
Love is a cool breeze on a hot summers daySpring's first and most beautiful bloomRadiant as the sun yet gentle as a cloudLove is the soft glow of the moon in the darkness of night
February 21, 2016 at 8:53 PM   You want the honest truth? From the moment I met you On the evening of a Day in March
January 21, 2016 at 5:06 PM   I’m not afraid to Say that I’m afraid of love   Starting my life as an innocent child
January 18, 2016 at 6:56 PM   Maybe you’re just scared Or you don’t want to get off track Or you don’t want to get lost Or maybe those are just the things
April 28, 2016 at 8:41 PM                                                                           March 25, 2014 I met a boy with a smile brighter than the sun,
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