January 18, 2016 at 6:56 PM


Maybe you’re just scared

Or you don’t want to get off track

Or you don’t want to get lost

Or maybe those are just the things

I want to believe

Because I don’t want to

Know or even believe

That I was never on your mind

The same way you were always on mine

I wish I knew

Because if it’s true

If you really are scared

Because we could’ve been something

You only read in books

Having to know it

Never really happens

Or maybe you’ve seen it happen

And you don’t want to

End up like your friend

Who lost the light in his eyes

Maybe you don’t want to

Know what it feels like

Our skin together, touching

More than holding hands or hugging

Maybe you don’t want to

Have to go to bed alone

Knowing I won’t be there

When you wake up

What if your just like me?

Scared of what could happen

Because you don’t know how

You’ll be if everything

Crumbles right beneath our feet

If this is all true

I wish you would tell me

Because then I would tell you

That you’re not the only one

I would tell you that

I think about everything

About you and I

And the way we could be

The couple that everyone envies

Because they could never be as

Compatible as us

Because they could never just

Sit in silence and still be okay

And still enjoy each other’s presence

I would tell you that

I’m scared too

I’m terrified by the feeling

That could destroy

Everything that I am in the

Time span of a few months

I’m scared because I

Think about you too much

Sometimes I forget to fall asleep

I would tell you that you are

The one thing on my mind

Everyday and that I die a little bit everyday

Because I can’t even touch you

Or hear your voice

Or hear your laugh

Or see you smile

Because of how far apart we are

I wish I could tell you

Because maybe you could

Change your mind

And not feel so scared

Because I would be there

Just as terrified as you are

And we could conquer this together

Unlike those who fell apart at the seams

We don’t have to be like them

We can be you and I

Against the outside sources

All the noise because

All that would matter is

Your hand in mine

Because we’re too scared to let go




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