The Truth

February 21, 2016 at 8:53 PM


You want the honest truth?

From the moment I met you

On the evening of a

Day in March

I knew exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to get to know you.

All of you.

I wanted to know

What you loved

And why.

What your favorite tv show is

That you just have to keep re-watching it.

I wanted to know if you’d

Ever been to Disneyland

And if so, what your favorite

Disney movie was.

I wanted to know what you

Think about late in the night

When you can’t sleep.


And then when I got to be around you.

I wanted time to stop.

Just to pause for a little while.

For the earth to stop spinning

And everything freezes

Except you and I

So I could be with you for

Just an extra few seconds more

That I know I would never get back.


With the time that I’ve gotten to know you

I fell in absolute wonder and awe.

I love the way you laugh

And the way you smile.

The smile that makes the world

Seem a little less scary than what it is.

I love the way you speak about the world

And that everything happens for a reason

And that everything will be okay in the end.

I love the way you would look at e

Even when our eyes met

You just kept looking.

Making me feel like a

Priceless piece of artwork

Beyond comparable

To even the most famous works.

I love how you taught me how to dance

And I love the way you dance.

I love the way that with just one glimpse

Of your beautiful self

I would become instantly happy

And all the darkness in the world disappears.


Seeing you night after night

In my mind when I couldn’t even hold you.

But when we could

When you held me

God it felt so real.

I bet we could’ve dusted my skin for fingerprints

And they would belong to you alone.

Everything was real in that moment

I swear I could paint it

On a thousand canvases

And each would be the same.

Your arms wrapped around me tightly

Head buried in the crook of my neck.

As my ear is pressed to your chest

To hear your heartbeat and

Listen to the music of your breathing.

And find my hands caressing the back of your neck.

And everything would be warm

Because outside would be too cold.

And you would just be there.

Holding me.

And everything in that moment

Was pure bliss.

Time wasn’t slipping away

Because it was nonexistent

In the one place I will always find you.


So the truth is

I love everything about you

And I’m still waiting to learn more.

And I miss you so much

I’m starting to feel

Almost homesick

That I have to rely on photos

To gain back just the smallest fraction of happiness.


Truth is I probably love you

And I am scared

Because I have no idea

What it is you feel or think.

Or if you even think of me

Or feel for me.


Truth is

I want to be the one

That you long to wake up next to

And I promise I’ll try to remember

To wake you up with

Pancakes and strawberries.

I want to be the one

You play your piano for

The one you sing for.

I want to be the reason

Why you are always eager to fall asleep

Because you know I’ll be there

And time will never beat us.

I want to be the reason that

You smile on a rainy day.


But above all truths:

I want to be yours

And I want you to be mine.




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