My Angel

Sun, 07/10/2016 - 09:47 -- nate17

I've written something to describe my angel 
Though time can not tell what has been lost
It can be revived by what is found. 
Which is how my angel makes me feel 
A love so strong it feels so real 
To loose my angel would leave wounds that won't heal
My angel watches over me
Always looking out for me
Protecting me saving me
Keeping me out of harms way 
Only kind things my angel can say 
But my angel stands by me 
when things go wrong
Even if he waits for long 
Holding my hand as he leads me through life
Holding me close as if I'm his wife 
Loving me above all else 
My angel hold the key to my heart 
A fortress partially torn apart 
He stands guard 
My protector my keeper my guardian 
To describe my angel would be too much work
But that wouldn't be enough to complement his worth
Until we meet again the earth parts our ways and paths


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