Our Movie

February 7, 2016 at 10:20 PM

I wish you the best

Wherever it is you go

I hope you look back

And remember me

The days of just sitting

In the sun watching football

The dream of being happy

Just by seeing you smile

I don’t see ourselves

Dancing the night away

Any time soon

But I hope you think of me

And remember the way

Life used to be

I know the seasons

Were never on our side

But the changing of

The sun and afternoon clouds

To the night stars and moon

Sure made the late nights

Worth it

Yes, I miss you

I miss you lots

But if this was just a mini preview

Of what we could be

I’m glad we could last longer

Than 2 minutes a scene

Everything put together

Could even make a movie

I like our movie

It’s probably my favorite

Since I got to learn

About you

And I’m still waiting to learn more

Just you.

And I liked just you

I liked us a whole lot too

But if one night was all I got

Then I’ll carry that night with me forever

Maybe some time down the road

We’ll meet again

And maybe dance the night away

More than just once

I can’t wait for our next movie

I hope it’s great

And we can sit front row

Just you and I

The way we were written.



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