Silent Spring


A time in which

All is renewed-

When Life is born-


And the Flowers of

the Cherry Blossoms Bloom-

Vibrant Shades

of Blushing Hues-


Like those that Grace

your Sun-kissed Skin-

Complimented by

Your Smile;


In Early Morning's dawn-

birds Singing Harmonious Tunes-

We lay -Embraced- 

Amongst sheets of Crimson Satin;


Your Arms-

wrapped securely around me-

My head Settled-

The pillow called Your Chest-





Surrounds Us; 


It is in rare moments like this-

Full of Peace-

and blissful whims-

That I count my blessings:


For Having met you-

My tender Rosebud;

For Rainy Days-

Under that Clear Umbrella-


It is things so simple-

Like those and You-

That I am Most 

Thankful for;


They are my Whole World-

the Rebirth of my Life-

Like that of the Spring

that surrounds You and I;


And in this Spring

We Stay-

Under the Cherry Blossoms' Bloom-

in Utterly Peaceful-





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