Wed, 03/06/2019 - 20:59 -- Nafesah

When I want to lay & rest, your body fits mine and we talk until our eyelids grow heavy 

To grub and to hug all through the night & even when It’s hot

Man that’s sounds good like when you play

I can stay and lie here with you all day

My heart woke up smiling this morning

This feels...different..but amazing

Baby you make me feel as pretty as a flower blossoming in the Spring after all the rain has settled

You make me feel like I’ll never have to ask for anything because you already give me everything I need

You make me feel cherished

And I won’t hide that I’m afraid

For you to hurt me

For you to change how you feel

This is far from where my mind wants to be

All I want is you, all of you, no one but you

I’m willing to give you all of me only if you’re ready for it 


stefani vargas

that is a nice poem

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