The love of a Prince

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 18:06 -- Khinson

Throughout the years

Cinderella watched as pedestrians passed,

Blood dripping off her hands from her actions.

Her victim wept,

Her tears red

From the knives in her head

‘please’ the girl cried

But as the knife came down,

Her body just lied.

Soon she would see the prince

She thought as she began to rinse

The blood from her soft hands.

Her step sisters simply left for the ball

To escape their sister’s inevitable downfall.

Cinderella threatened an old witch,

Whose clothes were tattered

To make her a dress to the point she mattered.

The witch obeyed,

Her hands gracing the threads

And out came

A dress cloaked in red.

Cinderella took a carriage

Made from the witch’s powers

Of dead animals and rotten fruit.

As she pulled up to the ball,

She was greeted by the prince.

She smiled in happiness and spite

For the girls behind him were showing delight

At the looks he cast at them.

Cinderella felt anger and hatred

One that only Hades himself could have

And quickly walked to the silverware.

A knife,

Long and sharp,

Glinted at her from the table.

She picked it up and hid it,

Unable to hide her glee.

One by one,

Cinderella took out the girls

Whom were taking her love away.

The ballroom was covered in ruby red liquid,

Sticking to shoes and dead bodies.

All that remained were the Prince

And his new bride.

Cinderella pulled him close

Kissing him softly through bloodstained lips.

The prince began to scream,

To which Cinderella promptly cut out the tongue,

Causing silence to fill the empty room.

She held him close,

Eyes turning black and red,

For the ritual was completed

Everyone she hated was dead.

Corpses as their witnesses,

The Prince was filled with dread,

For this demon

Was to whom he would be wed.

This story is not over,

That much is true,

But watch out for those

Who are in love with you.



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