January 25, 2016 at 11:56 PM

Don’t tell me that your heart

Only beats for me

Because what if we are no longer together?

What if one morning we wake up,

From the nightmare of no longer

Being by each other’s side,

Having it be the new reality we live in?

If I no longer become the reason

That your heart

Beats or races

Reminding you that

You are alive,

Won’t you no longer be breathing?

Breathing in my familiar scent

After a 2 week pause

Where I wasn’t there to

Wake you with

Hot tea and pancakes

Do not tell me that I am the reason

That your heart is beating

Because I will not be

That reason

Until the day comes

When your heart has

Actually stopped beating

And I can no longer hear

The rhythm of your breathing

Or see your chest move

In sync with

Every, living breath

When your brain

No longer send meurons

Throughout your frail body

Do not tell me

I am the reason

You breathe

The reason why you wake up

The reason as to why you love life

Because within the few seconds

I can no longer

Feel your touch

On my aching body

When there’s the pause

In your voice

Before you can

Spit out the words

“This isn’t working out”

When there comes a

Moment when the man

Behind the eyes

I have drowned in

But always have been revived,

When he becomes a stranger

Lost in the sea of

Past memories

That is when my heart

Will stop beating

When I am no longer

Your world

Or your love

Or your girl

When I am no longer

The voice that sings

You back to sleep

After one of your night terrors

When you are no

Longer the muse of my poetry

That is when you are allowed to say

That your heart has stopped beating.



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