The Red Flower

She planted beautiful flowers All with different colors and different namesThey all had different needs non e were the sameShe took as much care of them as she could She watered them and loved them She always said they were ugly and they weren't growing but they still looked beautiful to meExcept one flower That flower looked beautiful to her She loved that flower more that the restAnd yet it look like it was dying to me It had beautiful leaves and vibrant red petals And yet it still looked sad to me Eventually she stopped watering the flowerShe thought that since it was so beautiful it didn't need to be wateredAs she watered the other plants she looked on sadly She always wondered why she wouldn't water itThe flower always thought she never loved her as much as she loved the othersIt was so sad that the women she loved so much didn't lover her backThe flower gloomily looked on as the world passed byEveryone stopped and said how beautiful it was They all talked about how vibrant it wasThey all talked about how the petals looked like shiny candy They all asked her how she got that flower to look so beautiful She always replied humble She said that it was just luck But the flower was sadThey didn't feel loved by all the people that passed byThe flower didn't want attention from everyone else They just wanted attention from herThe flower started to slowly die on the inside The petals still looked beautiful and vibrant But it was never vibrant on the insideShe continued to not water itShe stopped paying attention to the flowerExcept for the occasional stop to admire its beauty As the petals turned brown and started to shrivel up everyone asked what happened She always said she didn't know She watered it as much as she could She took extra care of that flowerShe had been ignoring And yet it was still dyingIt was too late the flower died before she could save it She never realized how bad the flower wasShe never realized the beautiful flower she held so dearly was dying She mourned over it wondering what she did wrongShe spent everyday watering the other flowers looking at the empty hole in the ground where the flower used to be wondering what went wrong and worried that the other flowers would die too But they didn't all the the other flowers grew beautifully They were all more vibrant and beautiful than the flower that she mourned They were the best flowers she had ever grewShe figured it was because she took more care of them then she did beforeShe started to take time out of her busy day to water them and to spend time with themBut really the reason the flowers grew so wonderfully was because of the flower that diedEven after it died it's soul was still in the dark brown soilShe was still looking after all the plants and herThe flower never wanted her to be sad again The flower always had loved her even when she didn't water her She fed the other flowers when she couldn't She made sure the other flowers were nourished Those flowers eventually died once winter came along again And when spring came  she planted new ones with new soil She started to take even more care of these flowerDetermined to grow beautiful, thriving, and vibrant flowersBut they quickly died She mourned over those flowers wondering how the others grew so beautifully and these died so quickly It was because she had moved on She planted new flowers with new soil forgetting about the old ones After that she never thought about that little red flower again But the flower always thought about her even after she threw it out Always hoping it could be planted againSo she could see her once more 


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