What's the Reason?

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 00:09 -- DMP800

The reason I get up out of my bed.

What's the reason?

Is it because winter is my favorite season?

Or could it be because I like putting on a smile and going out cheesing?

What's the reason?

It might be my friends.

Going around shaking everybody's hands.

Maybe it's showing off my new clothes wearing the new trends.

What's the reason I get up and go to school?

Could it be because I have nothing else to do?

Or is it because I rather be smart than cool?

What's the reason?

I tell them she's the reason.

Looking at her eye's makes feel like I'm freezing.

What's the reason? Why I wake up?

I dream then I wake up.

Dream of her and then wake up,

and I'm still dreaming of her.

What's the reason?





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