I Love You

Sat, 09/10/2016 - 17:02 -- KLANDLA



I love you now

I'll love you then.

From the start

And till the end.

Your more to me

Then my girlfriend.

I love the rainbow

In your hair.

Your sympathy shows

You really care.

I love the sparkle

In your eyes.

You took me by surprise.

I love the way

You make me feel.

Now I know

That Love is real.

Your so beautiful

Each and everyday.

Are you hearing

Everything I say?

If not, then here I say again.

I Love You,      , Its not pretend.

I hope you know

I love you truly.

All of this

Is all for you..

I can't wait..

To say "I DO"

   ~LINUS. A



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