Brvzy Love

Whoop da whoop

sling slang slang

that's how he caught my attention

never a true love thang

red in his eyes

blood in his veins

im thinking about him

but i'll never be the same

him texting all kinds of love

shouldn't i believe him

or leave him alone

nawl i can not do that

this gangsta' love is strong

heavy is deep, deeper than you expect it to be

he grab my waist, cant help it

his brvzy love i embrace

that thing i love about lauryn hill

gave me to an hawk's eye

better watch, some guys are only about

as i walk the walk

he talk the talk

i never let him know, my business is mine

he dont even know about

his words aint secret

even the future know about

as i laugh and play

his love dont go away

this gangsta love is best

love and hip hop cannot test

he dont rap, nor does he sell out

this brvzy love is the love i was dreaming about


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