Baggage for Two

Blinding Lights-

Intercoms screeching-

a Plenum of Chaos-

Amorphous assort;


The accouters on my back-

which I have worn Three Suns now-

have become Uncomfortable-

Stiff and Stale-


Everything feels Overwhelming-

And there are Far too Countless of

Assemblages that press Together 

in this Compact Space-


I wonder if All of This 

is Really Worth it:

Is is Worth it?

All of it?


Is it all just a Waste of Time-

and Money-

and Energy-

For something that may be temporary?


Those thoughts rush through my mind-

Pounding Aches-

Churning Entrails-

I Feel my Fears crawling on my Back-


Home is so Far away-

Everything Familiar and Safe-

Is out of Reach-

I feels so Estranged-


Then I look into your Eyes-





Anxieties Melt Away-

Yes: it Is Worth it;

All of it Is Worth it-

Because I am with You;


And the Smile that Spreads

From Me to You-

Tells me that You 

Feel the Same as I do-


With the Strange Surroundings

Enclosing us-

and a Whole Lifetime 

To Explore-


We take our Luggage:

Our Baggage for Two.

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