You are the stars/Without you

I stare out my window, trying to see the stars through my reflection.

It comforts me, you see, knowing you’re under the same sky,

Knowing that we’re in the same universe, in the same world,

Knowing that even though you’re a thousand miles away you still call the same place home,

But home isn’t home without you.

And as I watch the stars I miss you all the more.


My soul has been shattered into pieces that outnumber the stars, but my broken soul fits into yours perfectly,  you’ve completed me and turned the world into a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly and everyone belongs. Without you I am incomplete.

Without you the sky goes dark the stars don’t shine, even the sun has lost it’s light.


The universe only makes sense when I’m with you, without you I forget that every star has a name and every moon has something to follow. You are my something.

You are my sun lighting my world when it feels so very, very, dark.

You are gravity keeping my head out of the clouds and pulling me back to Earth.

You are my whole world and I need you. Without you, I can’t breathe because you are my oxygen, you were always the one saving me from the darkness, the one keeping me from bleeding, the one who kept my eyes from going dull and my spirit from breaking.


You are a drug that I can’t and never will get away from and that’s okay. You are an addiction, you are what I depend on, I will never forget you. You are like stardust, I inject you into my veins and you make my heart light.


Your eyes are the stars and your hands are the galaxies. You alone fill my mind, drifting through my head like dust in space, leaving room for nothing else. You alone keep my heart beating, you alone keep me from going off the deep end and drifting off into the stars. You alone give me hope.

Without you, I have nothing. Without you I forget about everything that I once had because without you nothing matters.



“I miss you”, I say to my reflection, hoping that maybe, even though you are a thousand miles away, that you could hear me.

I miss you.


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