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Look around you....
It's what everyone says.
Wherever you look,
Wherever you go.
Love is everywhere.
No matter where your at.
It's in the sky,
Or on the ground.
It eats you up,
It tears you down.
But if to much...
You'll surely drown.
You felt it once...
You'll feel it again.
A beautiful start.
But a horrible end.
It brings pain
Depression too
Learn from this
Next could be you.
All of the misery
Your partner put you through.
I once felt love
But didn't last..
I still can't forget..
My painful past.
Love can also bring death.
It's actually pretty bad.
Just look at "Romeo and Juliet"
Look at the love they had.
It will bring happiness
Sadness or excitement.
All this, and so much more..
This is just my opinion
Go out there and explore...



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