Unspoken Truth

June 7, 2016 at 11:17 PM

I never told you the truth
And here I am
Writing about the truth
You never said
And how at first
Reality seemed much too similar
To the dream I had
Before you disappeared
I never really heard the truth from you
Face to face.

In the dream
The news slipped from another you hold close to your heart
And in reality I found out for myself
The collage of four photos
That spoke the words you never said
In which you still haven't said.

If I had one chance
This is where you would hear it
Every thought my mind has produced
Since the day I met you
Every feeling and hope that my heart has desired from the moment your eyes met mine

You are the most beautiful boy
I have ever met
Granted I'm only 17
And there are people around me
Who will say
It was never real because
You didn't seem to feel the same way
But so far you have been the greatest gift

And the curiosity of your blessed existence grows from the fact
That beautiful people have

Only appeared on tv screens
Normally made up
You were made by the grace and love of God
You were the closest to the reality
I had always dreamed of
Your eyes are the stars above
Although their color is as dark as night
They always contained the light
That would guide me in my darkest hours
Your smile is the sun
Even though past lovers
Contained brightness within theirs
Yours just seemed to shine a little bit more
And your laughter sends warmth and happiness
With those combined
The dimples would form within your cheeks
That I have always wanted to kiss goodbye
Your skin
I have always been curious as to how
You would feel against me
Not rough and lustful
But caring and secure
The arms that would feel like home
Home away from home
The one place I would feel whole
And every broken piece would somehow magically come back together
Just by you
The skin I would tattoo with kisses
And in return your lips would be
Carved onto every inch of my skin
Places visible for all
To secrecy for only you and I
Your voice has been recorded from every one of my favorite songs  
There are traces of you hidden within every lyric of music
And every line of poetry
Your face has become the

Reoccurring character within my dreams
The face that would shield me
From all the demons that lurk inside my mind
Your heart
I would have been honored to carry
And hold close to my own.
We would unlock our rib cage
Making homes out of one another
My heart safe within you
And yours I would protect from the monsters that live inside your head

In case you are ever
Unsure about your worth
And the value that you possess
I hope you hear these words
As I have spilled them
From the poem I personally rhymed just for you
To these words I have written
The words I should have said. 






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