February 9, 2016 at 4:55 PM

If only fairy tales were true

I’d like to think

My life would be like

Prince Aladdin’s

No, I don’t need to be a princess

You took that feeling away

The same day

You led me to believe

That this new world

Would be better

I would want to

Stumble upon that golden lamp

Wake up Genie

And make my wish come true

I could wish for you to love me

But he says he can’t make that happen

The only wish I would need

Is for him to wipe out the memory of you

Erase your image from my dreaming mind

Burn your existence from my skin

Delete your voice from my soundwaves

Everything that is you

I would wish to be gone

Not your existence from earth

Just from me

Every time

I see your face in my most

Vulnerable state

When I can’t shake myself awake

Because I miss you so much

And my heart is too afraid

To tell you to leave

The moments where

Silence is violent

And you crawl inside of me

You stomp on my lungs

Because without you

How could I ever continue to breathe?

When the small chance

Of being happy without you

Is torn to pieces

When you drag me,

With my heart in your hand,

As you lead me

Towards memory lane

And every corner is

Full of you

Your eyes

Your skin

Your smile

Your voice

Your silhouette painted on every billboard

When this new world

Is just full of you

And I can’t find myself

Not even on the

Dustiest bookshelf in the

Abandoned library

That is what I would want gone


All of you

Then I would wish for Genie to be free

Just as I would be.


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