This poem is about: 



She enters the splintered boat


And we row

My sun-blessed darling

And we row


Towards the lake’s end

On marmalade waters and

With worn wood under


Ripples twinkling

Twinkling away

Past illusions


“Under the tangerine sky

Our angel wings bloom

As livid shadows casting

Transient waltzes”


And I memorized those words oh so long ago

And they never left even after her seat was so cold


But she smiles

And looks back at me

A new smile


Braving incoming

Pitch black clouds the size of ships

Braving worlds with me


Slowly mirrors

On the waters

Darken and close


My love’s honeyed eyes glitter

Still, spiting darkness

My other’s image wanes

Slow, saying farewell


And I want to say I’ve moved past those words

And that a thousand splashing mirrors mean nothing