Together Forever

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:48 -- BN15

You captured my heart

from the very start


I wasn’t looking for the man of my dreams

but now it seams


like you just walked in

and gave me your little grin


and right on cue

I fell for you


I always feel safe when I look into your eyes

and you never act like other guys


I love the way you look at me

and how being with you is pressure free


I can’t help but smile every time you look my way

and that is why I started to pray


Every time you smile at me my heart skips a beat

and I slowly sit back in my seat


trying not to reveal

how I truly feel


You don’t even understand

that this was never plained


I wasn’t suppose to fall in love with you

but everyday the feelings just grew


I was told I would know when I met the one

and if that’s true, I guess it’s done


or maybe that is just a myth

but all I know is you’re who I wanna be with


when you’re near I know everything will be ok

no matter what is going on that day


When I’m with you I can’t be worried or stressed

and as long as you are by my side I feel fearless


At first I thought I had a little crush on you

but a year later I knew it was far from true


I wanted you to be unaware

so when our eyes met I never stared


every night I talk to God about you

praying that these feelings were true


or that they would go away

but they never swayed


Now, I just wish you were near

cause my biggest fear


is losing you

I try to push through


I tried to hide it all

but everyday I fall


cause your eyes and your smile get to me 

and it is a feeling that I can’t set free


everyday I try to conceal

how I really truly feel


it is the hardest battle I have ever fought

because it attacks every thought


but one day you will see

that we were always meant to be


and you’ll get down on one knee

and ask “Will you marry me?”


I will smile and say “Yes”

knowing that I’m blessed


Then one day we’ll say “I do” 

and I’ll explain how I always knew


this is how it would be 

just you and me


together for the rest of our lives 

husband and wife











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