Mirror Mirror

Sun, 07/10/2016 - 09:36 -- nate17

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Tell me does he love me at all?
Mirror mirror hanging there,
Tell me does he truly care?
Mirror mirror I see you,
Tell me are his words true?
Mirror mirror staring back,
Tell me is this another attack?
Mirror mirror looking through,
Tell me am I worth it too?
Mirror mirror in my hand.
Oh what's the point I give up.
Since when has he cared ?
Since when were his words true?
Since when has he truly meant the words I love you?

Then the mirror began to reply,
As the girl sat and continued to cry.
All it said is,
One day you'll feel love again.
One day the world will try and destroy you flower,
But only if you give it that power,
Keep your hope if all is true,
Remember I'm looking into you,
At your soul your heart your virtue. 
You're beautiful and loved where it counts, 
In your heart in large amounts.
Love yourself and all will follow,
Try not to feel so hollow.
Until then I see you on the morrow
As you work towards a better tomorrow.


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