January 3, 2016 at 10:35 PM

The words

“I love you”

Didn’t have to slip from your mouth

To make me fall in love


It was the way you touched my skin

Skin on skin on skin

All night long

As you stared with

The eyes containing midnight stars

It was the way your voice

Filled the void of my longing

For late night talks about

The poetry I write

And the saints we believe in

It was you laugh and smile

Never one without the other

Because you loved to smile

And the laughter was contagious

The smile I would remember

Even with my eyes closed

It was the way you taught

Me how to dance

The first night a boy
Held my hand

And twirled me around endlessly

Rather than the brief moment

Of a “Nice to meet you” handshake

It was the day you told me

“Everything will be alright”

As you stayed on one of my worst days

It was every, little thing I imagined

Everything I wanted

And you didn’t even know it.



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