Why I love you

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 22:14 -- smoorer

You and I, my friend, share so much in common

For we both care so much about so little

We both try so hard to do so little

We both do so much but accomplish so little


But that is why I love you.


Not because our time spent together is often filled with arguments,

or because late nights spent talking about nothing,

or because you will never fully understand me, or I you

but because we do have that understanding which holds it all together


We have our differences

We have our peculiarities

We have our habits

We have our pleasures


But that is why I love you.


For the times when we look into each other’s eye

Or the times when the tips of your mouth curl with amusement

Or the times when your slight movements give oh so much away

Or even the times when your nose flashes with supreme indignation


I learn so much about you

I realise that sometimes we need to slow down

I realise that sometimes we need to stop and look

I realise that we must enjoy every moment


And that is why I love you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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