We never kissed. 

He was a pure blue sky while I was a confused sunstorm.

It may sound cheesy but he was the Sun to my Earth and his gravity was the only thing I could hold on to. 

My hands fit perfectly into his and even after banging it out of my head a thousand times I can't forget how they felt on my skin.

His rough brown palms enveloping my tiny chubby fingers, making me feel safe. 

I didn't feel safe when he stopped responding, 

didn't feel safe when he stopped calling me babe, 

I didn't feel safe when he stopped caring. 

When distance became too much and even though I thought I loved him maybe he didn't love me.

Maybe his hand on my thigh wasn't sincere and his gravity broke. 

Maybe his hair doesn't curl for me anymore. 

He cried at my letters but never replied, 

was always on facebook but never answered why. 

Was it me? Was it him? 

I always asked myself.

Why did he put my love on a shelf? 

From the moment I met you I knew I had to know you.

Now I know you.

I don't know if that's a good thing or not. 

Our time was sweet but we never kissed, a moment with him was nothing but bliss.

He couldn't hurt a fly but he sure left a bad aftertaste. 


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