All Of Me

All Of Me


I go to check if my heart is still there

It’s not, you stole it

And all I can feel is blood filling up the empty space


Blood flows from my chest, up my neck, then to where my brain should be

But you hijacked my brain because you’re all I think about 

Focusing on kissing your pink lips instead of texting back my dad


So maybe I’ll take some deep breaths to calm myself down

But you took my breath away


So, I’ll try to fidget with something to distract myself instead

But my hands are gone! Where’d they go? 

You’re holding them


So maybe I’ll eat try something to ease my nerves

But then I realize that my stomach isn't a stomach anymore

It’s a sanctuary for all the butterflies you give me


So now that I’m starving, I’m getting kind of dizzy

I try to look ahead, ; regain my balance

But, my eyes are lost somewhere in yours


And my legs buckle, I collapse

My knees feel weak when you’re around

I have literally fallen for you


I try to ask someone to help me up

But, my lips are still too numb from the last time we made out

I can no longer speak


And that’s when I realized

That you have 

All of me.



And that’s when I realized

That you have 

All of me.


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