A Letter to all the Boys I Liked Throughout the Years

Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:48 -- Khalia

To Whom this may concern,

Did you ever stop and look at me?

Seen the infatuation in my eyes.

You may have found it a bit creepy or even a tad freaky

I did too but I couldn't help myself

Because, boy, everytime I glanced at you

My mind created a world so brand new. 

Not in that way, of course

It was much more than that.

Everytime I looked at you, I created a whole world filled with butterflies and rainbows

I treated you as my muse, my inspiration, my motivation.

It was like I was an athlete and you were the coach. 

Of course, we probably never said a word to each other

But that's not that point.

The point is that for us not to have spoken, 

There were a lot of feelings you have woken

I guess it was your vernacular

The way you spoke with such pride, confidence and comedic excellence 

Or maybe it was your walk.

It so evidently matched the way you talk.

You walked with a rhythm too.

A rhythm that opened up every room.

This rhythm stopped crowds and often looked as if you were floating on clouds.

So, I'm sorry that I was staring and creeping you out. 

I couldn't help that everytime I looked at you, my mind drifted off. 

But as i am writing, I really hope you understand,

the difficulty I had to withstand. 


Your former secret admirer



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