Little Lighthouse Luminous

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 19:31 -- kelbel4

Little Lighthouse Luminous

Blocked by fog, by storm

I arrive; you greet, sheltering until morn

Safe, content, enthralled

Your walls embrace

Now Darkness I can truly face

For you, Little Lighthouse so bright

Are a listening companion all day and all night


Fog frightens the rising light

As Reality drags me away,

Away from what cannot be

Regret and yearning enclose me now

Instead of you 


The boat coasts away now

And we allow each other to go

The rough current lies between

Sunlight obscures my haven

Yet I feel a whisper

In my soul, a spotlight


And only I glimpse

The transparent illumination

My little Lighthouse

Casts on me 

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