Ode to a year

Quite some time ago, in the distant past,
My heart was a lifeless ball of onyx,
My soul's raging hunger endured a fast,
I was immune to dark Hecate's tonics,
Those where years when I thought Love a folly,
Any foolish player Holocaust weak,
For he could never live a life jolly,
For this cowardly game is for the meek,
Believing a commitment I would rue,
I went from one parasite to the next,
The most beautiful angel was not true,
So why let my radiant heart be vexed?
Having a desire like Tantalus,
Though it be intense Love, not scrumptious food,
I stupidly believed that chance was just,
In my ignorance I did haply brood,
My world, so tortured that it spouted blood,
Festering in vile infectious disease,
My Utopian haven turned to mud,
Even though my mind would anguishly plead,
Then one blessed night, my dear, I met thine,
When I saw the face that I now caress,
In one moment did my troubles subside,
Instantly vanquished were years of duress,
God graced ME with such a beauty, why so?
And why hath He not your white wings restored?
The answers to these questions i not know,
But sending you, my life, hath He reborn,
My desire has been fully sated,
I love you in countless forms and degrees,
Throughout our love's tale I've been elated,
This bond is so intense, Time sinks to knees,
Never could Morpheus ever conjure,
Dreams of such magnanimous balms,
Nor could the Round Table ever conquer,
The burning passion when you're in my arms,
Your eyes of Heaven guide me to the light,
Your tender touch makes my heart leap in glee,
Your righteous wisdom doth my blindness smite,
All the angles must have smiled upon me,
Helen is a monstrous hag next to thou,
A dwarfed Nephilim you must be, my dear,
You drain Woe's blood like a Jubokko's boughs,
In joyous ecstasy it's been a year.

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