Sixteen Going on Seventeen

January 6, 2016 at 10:55 PM

Sixteen and never been kissed

You were the boy in my dreams

I never knew

But longed to know

Someone with the drive for excellence

Someone with the eyes

That would guide me

Even in my darkest hours

The eyes I could count on

To be my light

The boy with the smile

That is admired from

Opposite ends of the shores

The smile that could cure death

The voice that could

Relieve me of

The neverending anxiety

The voice that is

As calming as the sea

Late in the night

When the moon

Pulls the tides in

Someone who’s touch

Felt like the first rainfall

In this desert

The soft touch,

The willing touch to hold me

Just for a little while even

The man with the mind

I could explore for hours

Searching for what you love

And why you love

The heart that could love

Like an innocent child

And never hate

The boy that I could never

Imagine actually meeting

And here I am

Almost two years upon

Meeting the boy I longed to know

The boy who would take me home

The one to teach me how to dance

And what it felt like to be wanted

But I don’t have the blessing

To see you everyday

My eyes haven’t met yours

Since early November

As of now

I can only count on

The lonely nights

I see you in my dreams

Your touch I can only imagine

But never truly feel

I don’t know when

We’ll meet again

And that scares me to death



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