Fifty Shades of Blue

Not a cloud in the sky

Thunderstorms in my mind

I was thinking how they say love is blind

'Cause she was a dime. Wanted her to be mine.


But I'm just to average

So she took advantage

Now I got this baggage. Incurable damage.

My friends always asking me how do I manage


I use that old adage

From some old passage

Shouldn't open up the box

if you ain't got the whole package.


So who do I call 'cause my heart is so fragile.

I guess I better do like what they say at Apple.

Turn my heart off and just leave it that way.

Next time I'll listen to what all my friends say


I don't need my feelings.

Don't need my emotions.

Because it seems that my heart just gets broken

Each time it's left open.


My motives are golden

But I guess once you've spoken

You become the parasite

And I'm just the host that you've chosen


And it's a shame. I brought you to my home.

And I introduced you to my homies.

I hope you  know it's hard being alone.

But it's a whole lot harder when you're lonely.


Okay. I guess you were royalty and I was just me. 

You were focused on who I was instead of who I would be.

But now that the lights in the club came on, can you see?

Why I never slept on you. I was up til bout three.


Workin on some music I knew you'd like.

But kept dodging me so I dodged the mic.


I gave you my heart but you tossed it to the wind.

I guess I'd better go back andrepent of my sins.


'Cause now I see where I went wrong with you.

I realize why I'm not cripping, but I'm fifty shades of blue.

Now I realize I should have listened to my crew.

Because you were a beautiful lie, and I only know how to keep it true.


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