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Its dawn. The nocturnal dusk slowly dissolves into the soft morning light, blending with the first sun rays coming through the delicate foliage and the sparkling dew, like ephemeral emerald drops, reflecting life and hope.
I alone am the voice inside my head i'm my own alter ego  who wants myself dead you are an ally To who i am an ally to someone i wish I were not in truth you will see
Stand here upon the snow and frost, Breathe in the cold chill of winter's dawn, And be born anew
Noi non sappiamo Quando ci salutiamo Perché domani Appartiene solo a Dio in cielo Noi non sappiamo
     The title states you are without me but the chances of that are not happening  as you wake and greet the day I greet you the very same way      The sun raises high
Good night my little wee oneIt's time to close your eyesIf you'll but wait till morningYou'll get a big surpriseThe sun will smile and greet youIn ever changing skiesFor mom and daddy love you
Call of the birds at sunrise  Is never unheard and if she’s Laying with him otherwise They don’t awaken in time  To bear the weight of risk 
I miss those daysBeing sun-kissedGoing to that coffee shopWhere I find that old manEvery morningSaying "good morning "And asking how am II get a hot cup of coffeeAnd a morning smile
I wake up to see The sun staring back at me. Beautiful colors.   (A Haiku)
Sink in, honey, Let your weight settle on me- Get cozy and warm. Inhale the fragrance of jasmine and rose. As your eyelids fall to rest,
Every day has two mornings One with the sun Where beams kiss your cheek  And you’re off on the run   And one with time
Floating in the silver breeze. A sherbet sky glistened upon her wings A fairy lass so small and sweet floats without a cease Bending grass and trees Awakening flowers from the freeze
Floating in the silver breeze. A sherbet sky glistened upon her wings A fairy lass so small and sweet floats without a cease Bending grass and trees Awakening flowers from the freeze
The waves crashed together in all of their glory, their chaos creating a sense of relaxation within her, She looked to the clouds as if each of them told a story. The golden rays of the sun were starting to shine,
Abruptly awoken, The sky is pure golden, My mother has spoken, and no one is scolding, “Rise and shine, It’s approaching time!” Now I just awake to the dreary chime…
3:46 a.m.  on a post-rain Kansas Monday.  I try to wash away  the sleepiness from my insomnia laden eyes, pick a fresh sheet of paper spread clean it almost sheens,
I took the climb to the summit. And i looked down over the railing it felt as if i was gonna plummet but then came a ringing my alarm clock was singing  it was morning once again.
Blinked my eyes as sun rise,  Morning breeze as cold as ice. A hot choco for a sore throat, so soft it makes me float.    A picturesque scenery, so beauteous it makes me teary. 
I am, with out a doubt, a different kind of morning person. I can guzzle 6 cups of coffee and never wake up, But when you present me with valid brew I undoubtable connect the theme of the day, To you.
a whisper hangs in the balance of dusk and dawn suspended in the dew that tiny droplet that holds a million rainbows when the first glimmering ray of sunshine still clinging to the horizon, wakes.
I jump up from the bed with this one thought upon my mind "I'm hungry"! So I run straight to the fridge to make a find The remnants of a snack from late last night are in the sink
Without my glasses on, the world softens at about 10 feet.  Usually it feels Constricting, Confining, Claustophobic, But today, it is my happy tent of reality.
Blue sky paradise. It's 2 in the morning. The sun is gone, but not for long.   I had to say it twice -  that I didn't know how it had been going since you'd been gone.  
Listen to me, you apathetic, groggy naysayer of the morn, Downcast with your expression baggy-eyed and forlorn; Get up and get going, nurse your lethargy no more!
When your eyes have been shut during the night Morning sunlight is a bright sight It's practically blinding as it shines through my window The rays shine in my room in the shape of a weeping willow
Dear Morning, Its rough hand brought my day to night,I surrendered to it but tried to fight,For it was late and it was right,That it was time to say goodnight,Forever a good night whatever is,Forges memories me a livid kid,And now me as a thin old
Dear Coffee,  You are the start of my mornings,  the end to my evening slumps.  Sometimes you come with sugar and cream,  sometimes you do not.
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A still, opaque midnight Undisturbed, sleepy, and without refraction Until golden tendrils of smoke roll in like billowing clouds
The sun came up this morning I greet it with a smile Then fall back asleep for a long while 'till the sun has gone and left and the moon greets me but then I fall back in my pillow
Good morning! By good morning, I mean it’s a good thing that you made it through the night. The night is a liar. Maybe not. Sometimes I confuse my anxiety with the night, something like insomnia?
In the topaz breath of morning Reeds shiver in their wintry coats Pines arc past the horizon Luxuriant breezes rise from their beds
It is two in the morning when I feel your warm hands begin to massage my feet. Two of us slumped over each other, tired-eyed, forgetting other life subsists
When Morning Comes   like the old quail in spring;   When morning comes and shakes all the dew drops from his  cloak   to greet me, and undoes his heavy coat buttons;
  Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class. Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class.  
"As I arose from such an immersed slumber.   (I was knocked the fuck out)   My eyes were grappled with an abundance of ravishing sunlight    (the sun was shining bright as hell in my window)  
Have you ever stood there? In the morning dew watching the rays of gentle gold  creep their way along the onyx sky. Listening to the murmur of the leaves 
Stillness-                All suspended in time Rustling leaves     sway to the gentle breeze.Distant birds     hail the waking sun. Shifting-                 Mist lifts to rainbow drops.
My house is magic in the mornings. / Somehow, while I was sleeping, the air has transformed. / It's cleaner, sharper, new-day air, now. /  My mom is on the couch, reading a book and taking large gulps of too-hot tea.
Early morning The sun is still rising The fields are still blanketed With spider's webs That the morning sunlight Shine directly through Glistening like diamonds Heavy with kisses of dew
Cuddle up tight To have a good night  Next to me dear No need to fear The dark won't last Soon the night will pass And you'll awake in the morning When the night becomes boring
I'll own it if I have to: I'm a liar to the core. I'm a liar through and through,  but I don't want to anymore, It's old,  what's more, it's tiring I can't lie 'til I lay expiring,
As my alarm rings I lay snug in my bed Bound in my blankets I wish I was dead. The world outside my house is strangled in fear. I'm quite warm and rested; I'd rather stay here.
Raging bells blow up my ears. Just 5 minutes more. The bells roar at me again. Maybe I can squeeze in 5 more hours of sleep In 5 minutes.   But then the stars command me To wake up.
The sine shines through my window, Now I know it is time to go. Brush my teeth, wash my face, Put my contacts in and look out at this beautiful place. What got me up and out of bed?
I wake up early with my hair very curly. I have woken up to get a coffee cup. Today I called my friend because there is school to attend. I need to go to school or I will be a fool.
Six thirty— Alarm rings; I text my boyfriend I love him, And go back to bed.   Six forty five— Alarm rings again; And I get out of bed.   Thus begins every school day,
Grey and cold...a chill upon the early morning air. An orange hue, pink warmth spilling across the grey ground, Rising like a mist to color the sleepy sky. Within a tiny hovel sleeps,
My Head pops up there's a loud BRRRING no need to panic My Alarm is doing his thing   i stretch my Arms and i stretch them wide yet, here i sit with tired Eyes.  
The morning sun is like a coffee Liquid light streaming from the sky A cup of bliss for upturned faces Receiving the golden greeting from up high.   The morning sun is like a letter
Dad singing praises to the King. Slightly off key. A sweet smell rises with the sun. Mom's cooking's done. A light, chirpy "Don't forget to pray!" See Sosa in my doorway.
Words drift into Oblivion The night stretches into Morning Alarm rings into Irritation Dawn breaks into
Black shroud, blue sky, white moon to greet me. Silence and comfort, they slowly leave me. Gather your mind, child awaken. Do you feel the air, the life you take in As you breathe the breath for reason?  
 Don't you think my bones are quieter when I wake up next to you Traced in my childhood physique and rooted in morningness They say morning people rule the world 
When heroes in stories awake in their beds and feel the great Sun which caresses their heads, do they take hold of their armor and say, "I will begin some great journey today"?  
Five A.M. And the world Is fast asleep My alarm clock Blares And wakes me up While yours Prepares To go off In an hour My tea pot Shudders
☼ the sun peeks over the rooftops warming the sliver of horizon visible from my window city pigeons transform into morning doves silhouetted against soft yellow melting into blue  
A call of affirmation An air of great suppression Awoken by the stream of light Which beckons me to my day's plight A screaming alarm It means no harm But morning is dreary And I am weary
I wake up with a song in my head Can't wait to get out of bed With a guitar by my side I strum a few chords   Music is my energy A force that drives me everyday Hop on the bus to get to school
Life is joy and joy’s in life, but joy’s a waiting game. and without joy there is no life, they mix, they interchange. learn to love and love to learn of all the eye can see.
As the sun slowly rises  And gently wakes me with the touch of its ray, 
A scattering of light,  an orange sun rising.  New is the day that chases the night— a morning anew Beginning. 
On the fifteenth day Of April, Of the eighteenth year, Lay my motivation To rub dry tears from my eyes And have a great day.
My breath is slow, my heartbeat drags, Disorientation clouds my mind: the struggle of waking up. I’m not a “morning person,” so I need a strategy,
An orchestra of chimes jolts my body from a peaceful rest, My soul is shaken and ungrounded by the disturbance. The only remedy to this violent anomaly is a brief moment
I don't know about you.I can only speak about myself and I have horrible anxiety so in the morning I like to boost my self esteem as much as possible so that is what this poem is about enjoy!!   Roses are red
Dawn has never been my muse Though my spring to her may disagree A slumber sweet and succulent Brings unwanted tendencies   To wake I must for day has come A friend or foe she be
Wet Noses. Sniff Sniff Slurp. Roll over. Wet Noses. Slurp Slurp. Open My eyes. Wet Noses and a Nudge. Slurp Sniff Slurp Slurp. Feet to the Floor. Bite Slurp Sniff Sniff.
The sun's up again, two more minutes, and the day has begun, The pants with the rip on the left knee -- fold up the cuffs,  Ain't nothin' like showin' off the starry cotton socks! 
Good morning great morning the sun is up it is burning my soul on fire raging like its storming grateful for the day i am earning
Each day am I faced with reasons to stay asleep: Pressures, and challenges, promises to keep. Crippling anxiety keeps me up all night, And lack of self-worth further worsens my plight.
Being awoken  And opening my eyes To the sunshine Every morning When I could only see darkness Showed me that There was more to me Than my mental illness   It gave me a reason
  I no longer mourn over the morning. It's bound to come. The sun will rise and  awaken, despite your pleas for the dawn not to show.  The comfort of your bed and
My eyes are slothy My knees are weak I must get up Attention I seek I'm drawn to the door I feel his presence My father is home My heart gets a message I drift out of bed
When im suppose to get up at 5:30 in the morning but i awake before my alarm clock has rung  to see its only 5:20 puts a smile on my face  to see that i get 10 more mintues of sleep
My main motivation is nothing amazing,Nor is it the oddest of things.I am tested and tempted and sometimes resented,But I still wake up and sing.I've been singing, you see, for years upon years,
A melody played on the wind Tangles itself amongst the smoke Air crisp with cedar pine Still cold while the sun has broke   A gentle lull of a new day Rousing all from slumbers full  
Awake. What did I dream?Relief that it stays there, or sadness it's gone.Damn that alarm You'll be grateful laterThe day time you But that isn't me now!
I get out of bed every morning  because if I were to lie still then who would there be to paint all the colors I see in my dreams? If I were to lie still then my world would never be any brighter 
There is oneWho sings over me as I sleep,Who is excited to spend the day with me,Who loves to see me smile. I wake up renewedIn wonder of my GodDelighted to pour my adoration on Him.
The sun is raising Another day has begun Shoes, jacket, pants are on Time to make another day go around I go to school to learn the lessons I go to the clubs to bring more
Dawn Approaches   Bells shrill ringing alerts me to the approaching dawn. To lift the weary head off a pillow throwing off blankets that offer warmth.
Do you understand?   Do you really understand the moment, the exact instant when you realize what the beauty of the day comes to bring you?  
I open up my weary eyes, A soft light do I see. Greeted by a bright sunrise Content just to be. On its way to give us warmth,
Sweet sentiments the birds sing to me, This greenbelt of tall and lean,  shimmering tropical colors of green. It peaks through my window, dancing facets of light. Touches the skin and warms the sight. 
On a good day: I wake up From a strange dream. Desperately replaying it in my mind, Over and over again, So as not to forget it, I feel Mom tickle my feet. "Wake up!" she says.
The way I get up every day   With a yawn - a stretch - a scratch   Greeting the morning sun with a grimace   Reaching for the last tendrils of sleep  
Hello to you The stars and the moon Hello to you The sky with the blue Hello to you The mountains and hill tops too Hello to you The day is anew  
When I first greet the day, it’s not a greeting at all It’s a quiet stirring, an unwillingness to face the day, and overall Quite rude When I open my eyes i’m either faced with blinding rays of
On a frosty winter morning there’s nothing more comforting than the cozy warmth of my bed, except maybe a cup of coffee.   A cup of coffee made just the way my mother makes it,
The warm blast of the horns, The high trills of the flute, Get me out of bed fater than a kick with a boot
Sweat, wet sheets stuck to sallow skin. White light, slices through the blinds. My room in slivers. Morning, coffee rich breath and that stale brain. Mirror,
Dawn graces a pale lavender sky, weaving comfortingly with sunshine’s golden rays. The bright light makes its way through the blinds in my room, under my pillow, and onto my eyelids.  
A dying night. Early morning, and dawn's speed is beat my mine.  crickets chirping inconsolably, yearning not for the moon to crash begrudgingly to the line
  I greet the day begrudgingly. The sunlight pools in my eyes like tears. It streams down my face and no matter how much I rub it does not come off.
In the grace of the dawn I rose, With the sun, To read a book of prose. Before the early morning light had gone,
In the grace of the dawn I rose, With the sun, To read a book of prose. Before the early morning light had gone,
In the summer dawn I took to the mountain and field, Hopping the creek, and breathing the spearmint yield. Passing the pond, I startle the heron perched in the pine,
Moon shineSun shineweave through the linesthat divide and marginwhat we interpret as realityonly what is tangible and experienced but what of the invisible?
I should stop calling these thoughts Dumb I just really like you is all And I'm afraid I'll fuck things up Like I always do By telling you how I really feel Or showing you every single thing
Good morning, they say And I'll say it back But I still desire unconsciousness Not because I need the rest Although I do   But I stay on my feet anyway Aware of my struggle to
Spend some time with me and watch the dawn break. Linger a while longer,and to me cling. Let it all collide and watch the world wake.  
When one close to you dies You find yourself in a foreign place Nothing feels the same Nothing tasts the same Nothing works the same.   I recognize the face in the mirror but
I stared at a blade of grass with a dewdrop on its tip anf on its dewy crown I watched a rainbow shift   I stared for so long a time and moved only from my place to let its sparkling mysteries
The east sun rises behind clouds of morning sadness. Chilling to the bone, the wind whispers through the twilight of dawn kissing your skin with the betrayal of comfort,
mine is the house with the jungle yard,where snakes may catch you off your guard,but the snakes eat the rodents and the birds eat the bugs,and i peak at the school bus through a wet shrub,
The light break through my window, And I know its morning When I step out on the patio to take a deep breath. The warm sun greets me.  
In the early hours, Morning of a late summer day, The fog hung softly in yellow light, A moist dew hung on the window sill,
I could live without, but I don't want to. I couldn't start my day right, and my nights wouldn't be the same. The heat wouldn't run through my veins, not through me at all. Life would drag,
I am a cup of coffee in the morning with a milky way swirl galaxies colliding together in the stillness of the morning the Earth holds its breath my atoms awaken the stardust in my skin vibrates
the bells are tolling  another day disembarks still no sleep for me
You're my friend and lover My love for you won't fade I just wanted you to know You will always be in my heart   You turned into my love As our love grows With our needs and desires
Mist lingers on the tree tops Afraid to let go Light rays dance through the air Leaving patches of sun behind Squeals of laughter burst through The early morning chill
I am awoken, not by sounds. The sun egging me on with its rays to arise.   Birds conversing, cheerful small talk. Inviting me to join the world outside.   The breeze, a mornings greeting.
Today is a very special day. Its special becasue it isn't. It had started at midnight. It had a sunrise: A farewell ceremony to the moon. And as dawn danced upon the Earth, the world began to awaken.
Today's a new day God let me have this morning Noon, nectar, nocturne.
Birth of Dawn   look down, breath's thick in your mouth,  drifting out like dragonsmoke. the grass beneith your feet,  damp with the crisp kiss of false dawn.
Beauty without a face  Each morning without grace No eyes to see the morning sun 
    Oct 16   The air is cool A steady stream of water pushing against the shore Taking bits of it with it as it recedes back to its home over and over and over again.
  Oct 10 2014  
    Oct 5 2014   The sun is sitting on the crown of the trees just due east. Reaching her arms through its leaves,   Holding it. Like a mother hugs her child.  
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
Today I say good morning to the sun! Usually it is the sun that wakes me up every single day. But today is special... At six a.m. it is I smiling down as the Sun Stirred from his deep, deep slumber.
On a clear night, I look up and think that the sidewalk would rise vertical so that I may walk all those miles to the stars and on a bright morning as the sun still nudges the horizon,
The morning is always an intimate piece of work.
Many nights I lie awake thinking of what to be until the thunder of the dream carries me to sleep howl Howl the wind blows fierce with its chill, me it pierced gentle gentle night has gone
The morning after, i rise agian. The sunlight filters through, broken streams I force myself up, i go on as planned but the next morning, will i rise agian?
we never got any sleep when we were together but it wasnt until you  walked away 
Have you ever fallen in love with a simple routine? Waking up to the warm glow of the sun, Slipping out of bed with a whisper and a yawn, Feet touching the lovely cool floor.   It’s such a simple act,
It’s when the morning light breaks through
It has no bounds -
At six a.m., the world is fast asleep. The sky is dark, the air is still and cold. This grayscale world is safe and quiet and deep. I feel intrusive, chancing here to creep And break the silence--dare I be so bold?
Up early in the morning to the smell of coffee Hearing the alarm go off makes me salty Stumbling over couldn't finish my dream awaken to a world that isn't what it seems rushin movements to make it on time
alarms scream "get up!", muffled grumbles, throws covers winter break is gone   darkened bedroom lit checking messages missed groggy eyes blur screen   time flies, leaving soon
Morning sounded prettier to a young girl than the afternoon. Piegon toed and bugged eyed walking to the bustop at an early time she did not know existed Saw the most human beings she'd ever seen in her life: 20.
Hero Wearing dog tags Bravely fighting Protecting the red white and blue Soldier
(I wake up feeling) the numb that accompanies that white pill                                          (that) killer of (pain,) I took last night. I feel the loneliness
Fizz. There goes the bubbles of your cola. Splash one, splash two, three hundred droplets down Pathetic, do you hear the depressing background viola? Like a fool, you watch the cup tumble to the ground.  
Ever wonder what perfection looks like? Because I see it everyday.In the suns rays,Shining like your beautiful smile,In the glistening bays,Flawless on the surface and wonderfully complicated underneath, Even in the darkest greys,Because every clo
Sea fog lifting, billowing, moist morning mist. Slug trail shimmering, faded asphalt.   Quiet, calming, claustrophobic cellar smell. City alleyway, sunrise street scent.  
Honey-colored sunlight  Softly inching toward me  Warmth sinks   Through thin white sheets  Deep into my skin Filling my lungs  
 Little Red birdy, In a bright morning day, Sing in my window 
We’ve only got one last night To light the town on fire I want to hold you tight Until morning dawns upon us
A waking soul of Western slumber rises Eastward, from the depths of the nurturing wood, Tipping over its goblet of honey, And bathing the wild in glimmered ambience. With the golden knight’s arrival, comes forth
Lighten up butter ball and get cooking.
Lately I’m beginning to think that all my ideas are going down the drain of a sink Who’da think that I’m on the brink of  losing my mind, spilling my drink and might have to visit the shrink   
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
Uneventfully I awoke. Unsurprisingly the sun beating hot on the single paned windows – Caused dew drops of moisture to form Dragging myself out of bed, Discarding one used shirt for another,
The morning comes, And the feeling of you next to me dispels. How cruel my mind is to me; It made me believe, That the dream of you Sleeping next to me, Was reality. I could have sworn
He wakes at five to brew the first pot of coffee, Fully aware that he will throw half of it out. Pungent sludge that oozes from the mug like molasses, Today-as every day.  
Pulling my hair into a pony tail I slip on my shoes And out the door   I’m greeted by a cloudy sky The air is thick from last night’s storm Breathing in the morning air, I take One step
The sweet serene a comfortable silence I recognize and think of tomorrows and forevers   A loneliness welcomed A hug for myself A different time would not be like so
She stared out in the morning Thinking about her love: On the other side of the world Knowing it was night there She wonders what he's doing; How he can stand the sound, The sound of bombs and the
It’s forever been a struggle to meet in the middle, The waves want to overtake the sand, But the sand wants to hold their own Constantly battling to have control
As night falls over me The stars shine bright The birds stop chirping And it’s past midnight The stars vanish And now it’s too dark What was that noise? In the distance – a bark
This morning happened centuries ago and there are still traces of Crest on my tongue. My irises are like coffee filters straining the paradoxical dream sequences created by my starved psyche.
I wake in the morning, eyes wide, heart sprightly, Others still asleep, I move quickly, quietly, lightly. I slip on my shoes, and without words he knows,
He doesn't know what the sunrise looks like, He hasn't seen it in a while, He rises in the afternoon, because his nights are filled with fear and gloom.
He doesn't know what the sunrise looks like, He hasn't seen it in a while, He rises in the afternoon, because his nights are filled with fear and gloom.
The moon, so bright and glorious be, The light, for such a time as night, impossible! Is such a light possible Shining brightly above as I sleep? My sweet dreams, tender and deep
I'll call you in the morning, so you know that I'm alive. For I might die while I'm asleep, when darkness covers my eyes. For when you are not with me, I'm drowning in the sea.
Fast the day shall haste to greet thee Haste to greet thy slumb’ring form From twilight’s soothing arms arrest thee Tossing dreams out to the cold
If I were a bird I'd perch on apartment windows. listen to sweet small talk and lustful conversation. I'd fly close to the sea for moments to challenge my amateur wings. By day roam the cities.
Every Morning, I wake up to my father telling me to get ready for another day in the chamber. I strap on my clothing with a jumbled mind. I try to think of what I need but I quit and go straight to my bag.
I woke up on the kitchen floor Lying in a heap I wipe away sleep Mornings like these I’d much rather weep Linoleum is tiresome and cold to my cheek
as the sun rises, fiery cracks on the moonlit sky the cold breath of morning is washed away leaving the sweet silhouette of stars to fade
Alarm clock wakes me Push snooze. Nine minutes later Alarm clock wakes me
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