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Every Morning,
I wake up to my father telling me to get ready for another day in the chamber.
I strap on my clothing with a jumbled mind.
I try to think of what I need but I quit and go straight to my bag.
I start my day's journey by watching robots zoom down the street.
Darkness then shrouds my path and gives the feeling of an eternity of walking.

After about 5 minutes of wishing, I get granted by reaching the station.
As I wait for the train to arrive, the smell of cigarettes and coffee are so strong, I feel as if they are in my system.
The women next to me smell like last nights dinner coming back up, while the men walk with an S on their chests with their flashy AJ Wright shoes.
As I ignore the growling I hear while in the tunnel snake, I start to wonder; what am I doing here?

Then suddenly, I'm united with my friends in a crowded forest of dressy tigers.
I crack my first smile with a hammer, and keep hammering away.
Sadly, the hammer dulls out once I reach the chamber.
My friends and I then serve time in our cells of about 25 people.
Being interrogated and forced to give intelligence, I feel as If I don't belong.

As if every time I flip a page, more of my brain is eaten.
I belong where teenagers are free and we can use a restroom whenever we want.
I belong where there's nothing but good friends and food that never runs out.
I belong where there are endless shoes.
I belong in a bubble bath of air.
I belong in a shower of love.
I belong in a song of happiness.
But that's not where I am.
I'm in a repeat of school, life and friends.
I'm a normal girl living my life.
Just sometimes, the chamber unlocks and you get to see the real me.

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I hope you enjoy my poem!

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