Burning Morning

Good morning

great morning

the sun is up it is burning

my soul on fire raging like its storming

grateful for the day i am earning

all night i was turning and yearning 


for this day to begin

to sleep in would be a sin

to throw the best part of the day in the trash bin

okay now where to begin

how about with a grin


a big smile 

from sleeping you haven’t done that in a while, crocodile

made waking up with the sun my lifestyle

with no one around i can freestyle

go into the woods and run a mile

let yourself be free and wild

wake up early it’ll be worth your while

welcome in the beauty and let it compile


like the dew on the grass

enjoy the morning before you transform into the working class

or into a student for your first A.M. college class 

let your true self trespass


to the land for those who wonder

makes you feel like you did when you were younger

being your true self is the only thing that makes you feel hunger

rather than being just another number

makes you feel trapped & angry like thunder

time time ticking, the morning is almost under


under as in the past

the whole morning went so fast

i really wish longer it would last

afternoon approaching quick in the forecast

but lets look on the contrast


contrast as in the opposites

time is bottomless, i am limitless

morning meditation by the river is a stream of consciousness

i feel like my soul is anonymous 

the morning sun radiates me with confidence


to bring into the rest of my day

shows me all my options in my life like a buffet

all different directions on this freeway

none of them is the right way

the right way is the one i choose to play 

the right way is whatever i choose to say

which ever calling outweighs

making my own pathway

learning how to breakaway

learning about this world - all a bunch of horseplay 

go to california then i can experience my mornings in san jose

not sure which area of earth to spend my mornings as i live away

or die away

always feeling like i need to getaway

not holding on to yesterday

trying not to long for saturday or payday

instead trying to just enjoy this day


enjoying this morning, hour, minute, second, moment

the moment its the key component

its only way for happiness enrollment

past and future are the opponent

this morning i have spoken 

about how my mornings inspire a positive omen


omen, oh man

the day has began

eating some cereal along with some pecans

maybe an egg omelet on the frying pan 

making my schedule- its my game plan

happy thoughts i fly like peter pan

taking on the day like super man

i’m the mornings biggest fan

& this is how i greet the day for the scholarship slam 

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Our world


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