Morning Motives

Do you understand?


Do you really understand the moment, the exact instant when you realize what the beauty of the day comes to bring you?


Tell me, then with steady eyes, what brings you to get up in the morning, my darling?


You speak softly, uttering your words under slow breaths,


‘You. You make me get up in the morning.’


Your back arches forward and you speak without hesitation,


‘You are my motivation, my muse, my reason.’


Darkness spreads.


And I sigh, wondering where I went wrong with this,


‘You’ve helped me through this tough patch.’


I hold my fists within my hands of my heavy heart, hearing your voice,


‘Please stay strong for me…’


I mumble quietly to myself as your voice defeatens,


‘You are always going to be a part of me.’


I hear you air out the strain of words,


‘I love you, remember that.’


Your voice fades within the morning light, and I no longer hear you.


My eyes flutter to adjust to the existing gleam surrounding me.


They frequently ask me what keeps me up in the morning to get out of bed,


And it’s you.


It’s always you.


You no longer stay here anymore, but you are the thing that keeps me striving.


Sometimes, I wonder what I could have done, but I realize there was nothing...


But now, I understand that under the circumstances we were in, the thing that you wanted me to do was live.


You always told me to live, to awaken from this dreaded darkness.


You took the sinister demons I had within me that demolished me silently with you.


To sacrifice everything you adore to make me live.


And for you, that is exactly what I will do.


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