For Him


I greet the day begrudgingly. The sunlight pools in my eyes like tears. It streams down my face and no matter how much I rub it does not come off.

The daytime moon tells me I must wake up and I do. I wake up for all of those who won’t. I wake up for my brother.

My brother who always woke up before me but does not wake anymore. I take his place as early riser now. I great the morning for him. Eyes bright, I wonder if he misses the glare of light across his face.

I wish I could give it back to him. Instead I keep it for myself, hoarding what once was his to keep him close.

I greet morning like it’s my brother. It jumps on my bed and begs me wakeup, and I toss and turn and tell him to leave because I just want a few more minutes.

It is excited in a way he hadn't been for a long time. It reminds me of how he was. It gives me a few moments of peace.

I will greet the morning everyday just to get a few moments of this. A few moments of him.

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My family
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