1:24 AM Freewrite



Lately I’m beginning to think that all my ideas are going down the drain of a sink

Who’da think that I’m on the brink of  losing my mind, spilling my drink and might have to visit the shrink   

He just tells me that all that glitters ain’t zinc

Gold or copper  

you might not be the princess but the role is open for the pauper

Make your getaway hurry and get to the chopper

For the grand finale a real show stopper

Curtain dropper

Kendrick verse was really improper

Pools & Poetic are still chart topper

Cause he manufactures and we are the shoppers  

If you haven’t stopped listening take note of this description

You already paid for 12 months of this subscription

Its over the counter you don’t need a prescription

My nonsense might cause you to have a conniption  

Walk like an Egyptian, or have some weird intuition 

That’s ok as long as I know that you all are compliant

Doctor I must say that I enjoy being your client

Without you I would still feel like an ant but now I’m a giant  

Even though sometimes I still feel like I must be defiant  

This is my life and my current presentation

When I was younger I underwent a ton of humiliation

By my entire classroom population

Got so bad agreed to a minor relocation

But enough about me and my exclamations

I been got my education and ending punctuation

This is a just my freestyle domination

Kinda like black ops on the play station

I been doing this since back in the day when I watched animation 

Up on the tele-nation









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