My breath is slow, my heartbeat drags,

Disorientation clouds my mind: the struggle of waking up.

I’m not a “morning person,” so I need a strategy,

My first task of the morning is to be physically active; awaken my body, and then the mind.

Still lying in bed, my brain “comes to” and my thoughts drift to my day: a blank canvas.

The thought excites me.

An open road, a blank slate, a first pitch.

The opportunities overwhelm me, but only momentarily.

to learn,

to socialize,

to accomplish,

to plan,

to experience,

to strive.

But then I’m back. I’m still lying in bed. I haven’t even moved yet,

But the endless possibilities make my blood surge, and I am ready.

Ready to be taught,

to engage in conversation,

to strike,

to make decisions,

to excel.

The elation of opportunity, what lies ahead, and knowing that I’m at the helm motivates me.

The freedom to wander wherever I want, like a child choosing his first toy,

and the independence of riding out the wave of today.

With all of this ahead, how can I linger in bed?


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