Morning in the Woods

Pulling my hair into a pony tail

I slip on my shoes

And out the door


I’m greeted by a cloudy sky

The air is thick from last night’s storm

Breathing in the morning air, I take

One step



Steps become a jog.


Through the woods I go

I like the quiet darkness

The trees’shade wrap me in


The wind whispers a cool breeze

The forest is quiet



A light drizzle has began

Raindrops and dew slide off of leaves

Falling into my hair

I can barely breathe

But I don’t mind


Three steps



I slow down to a walk

Taking in the scenery as I go


Eventually the trees widen apart

Exposing me to the glaring gaze

Of the sun

The rain has stopped

The sun is starting to push its way

Through the forest of clouds

It’s barely past 8

But I can already feel the sun’s

Blazing heat


I hear wheels screeching on a street

The town is gradually waking

People are starting to go

Out and about

With their day and work


It’s time to go

Turning around I walk back

And breathe in the woods

Holding onto this calming feel

I slowly head back home



hector martin del campo

the details given were nice and created the image of her as she walk/run in the forrest

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