Ethiopian Coffee and Irish Cream

The sun's up again, two more minutes, and the day has begun,

The pants with the rip on the left knee -- fold up the cuffs, 

Ain't nothin' like showin' off the starry cotton socks! 

All this with a Moroccan leather belt, only the best is ever good enough!

A look in the mirror, thin-wired glases on the nose, start the walk

Down narrow stairs, smell of coffee consumes the air, that's the good stuff,


"Class at nine," "Work at 2."  With him, it's nothin' but small talk!

Foodstuffs, Irish cream, the non-alcoholic one, a mug of foreign coffee,

Keep the pad and pen close by -- writer's block doesn't last forever!

But, with the first brew done, Ethiopia seems real haughty

Where princes dine in the streets, caravanned in by clever

Helmsmen, accompanied by exotic dames, exquisite maidens.


"It's eight thirty now."  The second cup down now. Irish cream

Tastes a bit like hops and yeast, it's a sure fire way to raid my day.

Pen to pad now, vikings ink out, what a melodic theme!

Axes to the air, horns to the wind, the bow to the bay -- 

Plow the writer's block down -- Build this daydream anew!

"More at eleven."  He left the news on, and the pen broke through.


Fifteen minute walk, fourth cup in my hand, fancy travel mug,

Picked up another pen, the one with the sharp end,

It works best when in use, but hold it, keep the earplugs in.

This rift here is the best even if it's hard to comprehend

London British slang and weird guitarists from the looney bin.

Nothin' to do about that, best to keep drinkin' this brew.


Class is here, so is my cup of joe.

Tilt the head back, the last of my ammo is gone,

This fancy travel mug blocks the sun, this daydream is relaxin'.

See through this lonesome Huckleberry Finn adventure

To find that truth is at the bottom of a coffee cup.

This one is left grinning, skittish even,


"Hello, world," this one says aloud.  "I've braved the confines

Of new worlds, through and through, mind you, 

And I will make my demonstrations clear as can be, 

Come onto me, greet me, show me your schemes,

And I will show you my determination and my hymn

To Ethiopian coffee beans and Irish toffee cream."





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