140 Characters Is More Than Enough

My Head pops up

there's a loud BRRRING

no need to panic

My Alarm is doing his thing


i stretch my Arms

and i stretch them wide

yet, here i sit

with tired Eyes.


My Schedule is packed

My Strength is gone

the Gas has run dry

what am i to operate on?



What is This?

i scroll through My Notifications

i pass by Facebook, SnapChat, even Instagram!

the search with a Wild Anticipation.


My Boyfriend says

"Good Morning, Baby Girl!"

a Smiley with a


THIS man, is My World.


i jump into action,

put a Spring in My Step.

i don My Clothes

My Hair, un-kept.


whilst grabbing a Brush,

I hear a rhythmic ding

i stop dead in My Tracks

that is My King's Ring.


I race on back

to find What's Mine.

on that small, lit screen,

i find a simple line:


"Can't wait to see you today,"

is what It says.

My Boyfriend, My Love

is What gets me out of Bed.

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