Victory is Mine: #Winning Duh

"As I arose from such an immersed slumber.


(I was knocked the fuck out)


My eyes were grappled with an abundance of ravishing sunlight


 (the sun was shining bright as hell in my window)


I couldn't grant my instinct the gratification of dire fretting. 


(I knew damn well not to complain) 


Alternatively, my pious soul prevailed over all the colorless ideations. 


(However I got my lazy ass up to handle my business) 


Today anticipates my strength and cheerfulness abreast my neoteric ambitions. 


(My success depends on my hard work and smiles so I better be glad to see another day)


I am exceeding the title of a victor."


(Victory is mine mutha fucka!)


This poem is about: 
Our world


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