Each day am I faced with reasons to stay asleep:

Pressures, and challenges, promises to keep.

Crippling anxiety keeps me up all night,

And lack of self-worth further worsens my plight.

So why would I wish to wake to this world,

Where all my days all full of pain?

When I would rather lay in a blanket, curled,

What could possibly keep me sane?

She is the reason I wake at dawn.

She is why I wish to go on.

The light of her smile puts the sunrise to shame.

I feel warm inside when she says my name.

The shadows that follow me into the night,

All fly away when she is in sight.

My reason for living, and reason to wake,

Any soul take flight, could she make.

So I will gladly face each morning, happy to start,

So long as she is with me, by my side and in my heart. 

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