Crimson Lee


United States
30° 32' 12.6132" N, 96° 18' 4.8348" W

Fast the day shall haste to greet thee
Haste to greet thy slumb’ring form
From twilight’s soothing arms arrest thee
Tossing dreams out to the cold

I prithee, grant me two sweet wishes
Refuge from light’s burning grasp
And rest to last for more than seconds
That my soul to dreams might pass

I lie my crown on folded hands
What’s this? A flash before mine eyes
My mem'ry fails, my quest forgotten
Heartbeat slows while time, it flies.

Who’s there? A hand upon my blade
Who’s there? What tidings have thou said?
The morn is nigh? Pray, no. I plee
Recant thy lies! I shan't believe!

Then Crimson Lee, the shadow maiden
Sadly bade my eyes to see
She swept the fog of night behind me
Placed the carpet ‘neath my feet.

Oh eventide. Alas, I love thee
Whilst most tend to court the day
But kismet dealt a hand of cruelty
For our time doth fly away

Oh eventide. Alas, I love thee
Whilst most tend to court the day
Our love is tinged with tragedy
Half wakeful, half dreaming and hour a day.


Clio Texana

This sounds very Romantic Era -- I love it!


Thank you very much :)

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