Get up and Grow

The sine shines through my window,

Now I know it is time to go.

Brush my teeth, wash my face,

Put my contacts in and look out at this beautiful place.

What got me up and out of bed?

The thoughts of yoga stirring in my head.

My practice is calming and fresh,

Focusing my mind on my breath.

I can leave all of my stress on my mat,

No need to worry over this and that. 

My body stretches and my mind does, too,

Always careful not make a limb go blue. 

I love yoga with all of my heart,

There is not a day I want to be apart.

This is why I get up out of bed,

to relax the whirlind mind in my head.

When I get up and ready to go,

Yoga is there to help me grow!

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