One Job May Change My Life.

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I have come to realize that it's hader than what it seems. A dream job, your dream job.
And I would have followed you into the depths So long as you would have kept me singing Those sweet lullabies that only I could hear Don't you see? That you don't need to keep your oath of silence any longer?
Looking at a some figures on a paper and his mind gets denied. Looking at  big building and wonder whats insde. So many big brains around him, But he doesn know where to hide.
Once a upon a time there was a girl who said she was smart as a pearl until she she enter school broke which the stress could give her a stroke some thought she would turn to smoking and coke
Here you go  Here you are one more year in high school Now you need to think: college or jump right into career You want to be on the top of the game, Or the one who wants to suffers?
Not to be or to be, is the problem. Whether or not, together and if, one Will remain the truthful of an album Gloriously remaining the calm fun
On the field there is nothing besides ash in the air When we once lived they told us that this is the cross we must bare The souls that still linger with their howly screams
Every single day you make a choice Bad decisions good intentions What happens when its the reciprocal in your voice May I mention One hurtful thing can destroy a person I reflect while understanding
you thought I would fail
He didn't ever understand, but it wasn't him. it was me and him.
Good Evening my friend how are you this day? I have a plan to change my great future. I will create a university. Do not make fun of my dreams of prestige. Your laughter tries to discourage but fails.
A sick child, I made a wish I wished for a future, I wished for a cure I wished for a miracle, but I got more Defying all odds, I'm still alive Two years into college, and still I strive
your eyes your smile  how can i put it into words?
Mom, oh mom, Your just the bomb. Your fun when you want to be, And dont act like a asour pea.   You provide for me, and shelter me, Even if  you have to pee! Your corny and funny,
The Endless Realm of Possibilities Greets my open eyes A poet, a photographer, a singer All dreams that they scoff and deride And in my quiet reminiscing  There is one job I place above all
Get up. Drink coffee. Drive to work. Stare.   Get up. Drink coffee. Drive to work. Stare. Drive back.   Get up. Drink coffee. Drive to work.
One job. Change. Passion. Future. Career. Profession. Happy. Dentisty.
If I was a teacher,Teaching would be the guidanceI hand down to my students,The skills learned will be them having
    Pressure and stress were all I could feel As days went by, foreshadowing my future. Or so I thought when all wrapped in pain Pondering on what must be done. And oh, where do I turn
I do not see my dream job as a “job” but rather a career. Providing better health for others is like restoring life to the lifeless Because one day you are dying in agony and the day after you would be cured by my gifted hands.
Imagine waking up one day and finally discover a cure for cancer.   Imagine finding a new cure for anything.   Hearing people scream your name in chants or seeing tears of pure hope.
My dream job isn't a job at all Well, at least for me it's not I mean, your dream job shouldn't feel like a job
This is a tale Of a child Who found Love in a realm of Fear With courage and her pen Vowed to spread Happiness through the dreary land One life mission, one tool in hand  
Bootleggers bottle bacterial bacarti bleached with baneful batches of barbaric botulinum bec
All it takes is some hard work A willingness to try  The urge to want experiment To build some new device   It could start out as a dream But become something bigger A deep rooted interest
I need a little grace, I need a little love. Maybe my dreams are impossible, I'll never know if I don't try. Because being angry at the world won't get me in college, And shutting myself off doesn't help a career.
  The wild embraces the heart of man, pulling at it, feeding its wanderlust. Strong is its pull, and weak is his stand.   He longs for a far off land,
Stuck. I'm stuck in a place where no one ever goes anywhere. You just get sucked into pointless jobs. "Columbus is booming" they say. Yeah, for those who never lived here. But college, that's my way out.
flowers bloom, life is revived after a long winter animals no loner hide sunshine streams through the trees the leaves rustle and turn green kids sell lemonade by the cup deseperatley hoping to make a buck
My life is my life, I should be able to live it free people don't really know me but always
I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t even know who I am. I’m becoming war, only one Reality can survive.
My gift is the ability to create masterpieces with my words. The most beautiful descriptions you’ve ever heard just seem to fly off of my tongue almost like a bird.
Ever since I was a little girl with bright brown eyes and bouncy curls  Music filled my every day and made me feel a certain way
There comes a moment you want to freeze, and lock it safely away with all special things   There comes a day, when person breaks. You can’t help to fix them, they are left that way.
The way you look at me The way you held my hand The way you made me smile   What happened to Us? We used to be a match We were united   Arguments were rare Until it grew
I got a dream, Not a small one but a big one,
I thought I could be a ballerina, toes squished and waist thin leaping through the air like a silvery moth, gliding through the bleeding streetlights of some place wonderfully disfunctional, like New York, or Los Angeles.
I turn my eyes up, on high To the vast infinity beyond the azure sky Stars glimmer at me  Not quite the mystery they used to be I’m walking down a long, long road To learn the secrets hidden from human eyes
Diesel Mechanic, A dream job of mine, Persuing my degree, Opportunity within my grasp, Owning my own business, Living the Dream!
The agonizing work, the dream and tearsThe lights glow, shimmering in the water beneath me,I take in a breath,This is the moment that will change me,The one I have been waiting for. 
The doors open slowly,  Too hard to close so easily. Don't look back, move forward.   Let's go then, to a landscape  Ravaged by the pain of innocents: children's dirty faces
I like smiles. I like making people smile. Be it from far away; Even if it takes a while.   People run the world; We make it twirl.   To be happy means to enjoy life.
  It's dangerous, y'know,   To live your dreams, To just get up and go.   I could do something smart. Be a teacher, or major in business, In the ladder of succes take part.  
Every child has a job that they dream of at night. Every girl is a princess, while every boy will fire fight.   Some play make-believe; some play in the yard with a ball.
                                                        Outreach                                                         Psychology                                                helping others with life
To unite the word, what ever could we do?
Egyptology Monuments and pyramids Digging in the sand
 My dream job would to be a geneticist. Not for the money or for the fame But for the guidance and for the support I am doing for other people
I want to be a light. A light that shines bright. That is a kindling flame, That takes away all shame. That teaches and is taught By other people's thought. To be all I can be,
First week I drilled into someone’s skull.  It went smoothly; my hands didn’t shake at all.  Cutting out the tumor was time consuming, but incredible.  Coincidentally, we found an aneurysm while we were at it.
Dancing lines leap from my utensil. Imagintion spirals from the tip of my pen like the dancing flame licking at the heavens. Spellbound a child sits by, their eyes fixated on the magic I just conjured.
I, Student walk lines between My plans deferred and my wildest dreams My potential building, shifting, changing
Every story has a hero Every story has a villain But which will I be?   I will stand before a crowd I will share what my plans are But will they believe me?  
Different faces are other worlds, Sepererated by blue bodies, And met by metal scraps in the sky.    A life that would melt the ice,  And separate the tied tongue Is a sweet I wish to try. 
I’ve got the power invested in me I’ve got the power to change the world I’ve got wit ,wit that will cut down your stereotypes I’ve got a scream loud, loud enough to change your mind
Growing up It was foreign tongues and foreign food. It was friendship and bonding Even when English wasn't common. When words could easily be disregarded by actions.
It's the thrill of dinner rush. The smell of baking chocolate cake.  The sizzle of onions and garlic as they it a skillet.
Diving into the wonders of the deep ocean Discovering in depth with great emotion Having this enormous passion to explore what’s there Wondering how long it will take without coming up for air
When I look in your eyes, Your pupils so big As they stare into mine. I love how your face turns red Whenever I say your name. I didn't know I could blush Until I met you
The job that is going to change my life is becoming a Chief Executive Office of my own business. I want to own my own hotel ten years after I graduate. To begin with, I am a junior in college majoring in Management.
Smooth black and white Thin and light Slide and release To enter the world Of your choosing  
 I am striving to change lives I desire to stare into 17-year-old eyesand speak the truth.Corruption surrounds us,bad decisions seem so easy, like
Fast cars, dream houseGo far, steamed blouseStep up, money ladderThrow up, full bladderStinking stomachRotting RoyceGot to love itHave no choiceDream for livingSelling sin
  You see a sheet of paper, dip your pen and make a line.
Going through the different levels of learning  Exploring the different concepts of life and chemicals  The constant battles of challanges block my path, but I climb over 
Motherhood is never easybut it’s the best job in the worldthe world will tell you differentbut never listen to their liesthey don’t know the joy and beautyof raising up a child.
Follow me,  into the wild, into the jungle of nature.  Come with me,
My goal is to inspire to encourage our youth with a lot of hard work and time this plan is fool proof.   Singing is my passion. 
Lost dreams found in the time of impeccable innocence irrelevant to unnoticeable
I’m in a room, and when that room begins to fade I find myself laughing myself to death at night, and wondering how all of this is going to change someday.
Disco Dance Party The Best job in the U.S. Cuz u dance all day
Teacher Working, stressing, nurturing Educating our children for the future Leaders   Working long hours Grading many papers Becoming second parents Trustful influence
Growing up wasn't easy. Don't have money. Shouldn't be dreaming.  College is too much to pay. Starting to wonder if I should even try. No one cared. Made no one proud. Need to become a nurse.
You don't like me do you? You wanna see me fail And live payment to payment Is that how money works? You gotta spend money to make it I can't do what I want? If I don't have a dime to spend,
I wanna be the next great creator.Make beautiful drawings on my nice white paper.
If one job could change my life, then sitting at a desk, ideas from the source of my head, as my fingers are creative conductors of innovation, i can create the new "smartphone", the next best thing,
So ready to be done. Everybody is always talking, never stopping to ask you how things are going. Always rushing past head down with hands in pockets. Your mind is on the list of of books checked out by Society,
One job To change my life One job To change the world One Job To make things a little less dirty And a little more pretty To make people see There can be a better tomorrow
I want to be strong. I want to be a pioneer. Yes, I am a woman but that does not stop me. Going into a web of male leaders. Where will I fit in? I am confident. I am intelligent. Engineering is my passion. I want to problem solve.
People like to say, a job is something that bounds   It consumes your time, your happiness, your joy, and your pride   But if we were to think about those who are truly happy and content
Eternity No one will ever know only I can truly see what's going on
Music is the love of my life. He is my husband and i am his wife. I feel him deep within my soul. My heart loves him beyond my control. He picks me up when i am down.
Through the dirt and the sand, He held in his hand, 
What could change my life? A job helping people could. Lets go help people!
  A simple mindless thing it is that takes my breath away. A magical kind of experience it was that moved my hands today. Across the page they move with poise once more at their stance.
One Job May Change My Life I will no longer have to sacrifice. Working hard to get this degree This is the only way out of this you cant disagree. To see a smile on their face To get them to a better place.
Inventor, Writer, Scientist;
I have wiped, mopped, taught and cooked for a living, and I will continue working.  Continue giving. My desire is to care for those in a weaker state, But to do so I must hit the books.  Go to class and never be late.
Being computer animator Would change my life Hours spent behind a computer Would become meaningful   The characters I would create Would be given the voice I never had They could say things 
President such a big word Most people know this word as politics Others know it as failure Little do they know it means power My dream job  President
"I have a dream", you said, Mr. King, I have a dream too, a dream to remix your words. To bring new meaning and life to those words.   I have a dream too, Mr. King.
One day I hope to work on a game Intereactive work is my aim  Long hours cannot dissuade me Nor can a promise of weight gain The offices are great Each day I couldn't wait To work on a game
  I am a virtue and vice alike. I shall grant you salvation While sentencing you to Abaddon. Created by Him and used by the Dark One, I am the perfection that will cause chaos.  
Dreams.   Years of dreaming. Upbringing of hopefulness.   Purposeness comes not just of passion, but of need. Is there need in the world? Too much.  
Some girls dream of becoming president, being a princess, or becoming a mother; But as I grew up I knew I had something bigger in mind.
Walked in the doors one day, not knowing what i was getting into The only white staff, and 30 urban youth  got spit in the face and had to break up many fights crying over the children seeing all the hurt they had
Oh look! Oh look! A textbook! Numbers and formulas, egad! Confused and beffuled, I'm sad. Scientist? Oh no see I would rather be a cook. Robbed of my dream ive been by dastadly crooks.  
Sitting in class daydreaming in your seat thinking of where you would rather be For me that place is on a broadway stage.   its something that i live for something that inspires me to be better
You love me like I never thought you couldYou wrote your name on my bedroom wallsMy bloodMy blood
I am only 15, i have wanted to be a lawyer since i was 12 it is my dream. My life will be completely different If I become a Lawyer.
My life goals needed a change I needed to teach, I needed to learn I started out in management helping people to grow But I felt that that just wasn't enough for me to nurture and blossom
My Dream has Two Paths My dream has two paths that crises cross. My dream is to collect information from the past.
A job is hard work Work is no fun But to make it fun I will talk like the son Through the court I answer the call Of truth and justice I answer for all By being a lawyer for the court and all
I dream to help soldiers coming home from war By helping them walk and work in our country once more These men come home injured and have their leg amputated due to a roadside bomb
All jobs desire clear, stormy jobs.   Adventure, courage, and desolation.     The job waves like a old job.   Old, old jobs roughly pull a sunny, rough job.
Everyone is born. Everyone has a beating heart. Everyone lives individual lives, intertwined lives, loved lives, hated lives. Everyone dies. I want to live for truth. Hope. Justice.
When you look at me, what do you see? A young African American that is only sixteen.  There are MANY stereotypes, the bad things people say,
Don't you fret, for there will be a day When all your worries and troubles fade away Poor or rich, you'll find your way Days may seem hopeless, even bleak But don't retreat Push and pull for your dreams Even though it may seem impossible Don't fe
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